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Le Violon d'Ingres

Signature dishesSoft Boiled Egg

The French title of this dish – oeufs mollets – sounds much more sexy than the English translation which might take you back to the soft boiled eggs with dippy soldiers that you had for breakfast as a child. Banish that image but keep the warm nostalgic glow.

This superb starter illustrates how culinary greatness can transform a boiled egg into something so special. A single beautifully perfect soft boiled organic egg with runny yellow yolk coated in golden buttery breadcrumbs with toasted bread bathed in truffle butter and topped with thin shavings of truffle.  A lambs leaf salad in a shallot vinaigrette on the side.  Wonderful.


Signature dishesPan Seared Foie Gras

with Ginger Breadcrumbs

This iconic Christian Constant starter has almost given rise to its own cult :  it is described by many as the best foie gras they have ever tasted.  The secret lies in its simplicity and in its creativity.  Slices of the finest quality foie gras, lightly snuggled in spiced gingerbread crumbs and pan fried. Rural French gastronomy handled with great confidence and a twist. Delicious and to die for.

Signature dishesSpider & Rock Crab

with Fennel Cream and Herring Caviar

When this blazing red spider and rock crab starter is served, heads turn.  When you take your first spoonful, you’ll make a sound, an appreciative sound. How does the chef create such a fine frothy creamy delight ?  He uses the freshest ingredients and a lot of passion. Herrings’ caviar with a herb infusion floats on a bed of rock and spider crab meat bathed in a fennel cream and housed inside the shell of a very beautiful spider crab.  Spectacular to look at and fabulous to taste.

Signature dishesFresh Sea Bass

with Crispy Almond Topping

Resting on a salad bed of baby spinach and accompanied by a ravigote sauce, this fresh Atlantic sea bass is cloaked in exquisite flavours.  The slivered almond crust coating the oven roasted fish has a perfect consistency – light and crunchy, the ultimate complement to the fresh fish flavour. Sicilian capers, gherkins, mustard, aged wine vinegar, parsley, lemon and shallots are harmoniously combined to create something quite robust and tangy which gives the finishing touch to this well loved Christian Constant fish dish.

Signature dishesWood Pigeon

with sweet plump garlic

If you have never had the pleasure of trying pigeon, let your first taste be a Christian Constant creation. It’s a succulent and juicy wood pigeon, spatchcocked and sautéed and finally set under a hot grill.  The meat is deliciously tender and packed with flavour.  Serving the pigeon with a fricassee of wild girolle mushrooms and sweet plump garlic, adds a touch of genius. Nibbling at the bones left behind might prove irresistible and a lemon water finger bowl is provided to encourage you.

Signature dishesHot Vanilla Soufflé

with Salty Caramel Butter Sauce

This magnificently light and delicate warm soufflé almost floats up and away off the table. It is weightless and wonderful – a cloud of fluffiness with a soft hint of vanilla.  Make a little cut into the top of the soufflé with your knife and pour in the contents of that little jug of hot caramelised salted butter sauce.  Don’t share, not even one teaspoon, for this is perfect selfish pleasure.


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